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CyberTrace LINUX Workstation

Avoid the complexity of buying, building, installing and configuring your own LINUX workstation.   Purchase a workstation through Ryan Net Works.

Ryan Net Works has chosen IBM as PC hardware vendor of choice and SuSE Linux for its workstation operating system.

Time for shipment varies with IBM in-stock availability.


We install CyberTrace with the SuSE Linux Version 6.1 operating system on an IBM Intellistation E Pro.  The cost of the workstation is passed directly to you, we do not profit from the sale of the hardware.  A baseline Intellistation E Pro is $1699, it does not include a monitor.  We add $800 for our time to ship, install, and minimally configure, CyberTrace for your business.

Baseline IBM Intellistation E Pro 2D (689382U) Pentium III 500, 128 MB Memory, 13GB IDE HD


We will be excited to work with you, should your requirements dictate a high performance workstation or configuration.  The extra cost will be passed along to you.  CyberTrace performs best with more memory, not necessarily a faster processor.  Here are some other IBM workstations we recommend:

Mid Range IBM Intellistation E Pro 2D (689385U)  Pentium III 550 with 9 GB Ultra SCSI HD, 128 MB Memroy

High End    IBM Intellistation E Pro 2D (686753U) Pentium III 800 with 9 GB Ultra 2 SCSI HD, 128 MB Memory

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