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CyberTrace is the world's first Network Security Management System

The CyberTrace client is the world's first Network Security Management System. Any systems administrator knows that it is difficult, if not impossible, to tell what is going on on the network. When they use tcpdump, or the Lanalyzer they have to be an expert to wade through the data. Even if your company has an expert, better use can be made of that expertise than doing the drudge work of data reduction. What you need is a tool that not only collects the network traffic but makes a judgment as to what looks suspicious. Because CyberTrace flags connections high priority with numbers, 0-10 an administrator can review the highlights and even replay those sessions and ignore connections with low priorities numbers, 30-100.

Introducing CyberTrace

CyberTrace - Intrusion Detection

Ease of Use - Motif Graphical User Interface front end to a distributed Intrusion Detection Tool.

  • Creates a Security Community - Shared modules for greater flexibility. ANSII standard SQL database.
  • Secure Communications - Encrypted data links.
  • Automated Response - User defined commands executed on alerts (including SNMP).
  • Handles Large Networks - Client/Server design extended to tiered design means CyberTrace scales to global networks. Light load on network traffic.
  • Accuracy - Low false positive ratios.
  • Practical - It is a practical program designed and developed by former network managers to meet the security needs of the unclassified network of the US Air Force and other commercial clients
  • 100 % Coverage - It addresses the 80% of computer fraud and abuse that is internal to a network in addition to the external 20% that firewalls address
  • Built For Growth - It is modular in design and will automatically keep up with the latest hacker technology, with minimal additional work or investment on your part It can be Integrated into your existing TCP/IP network easily

What is Network Security Management ?

Network Security Management is the ability to manage your network's risk to fraud, and abuse
    The first step in NSM is knowing what is happening on your network
  • The next step is analyzing the data for suspicious activity (DATA REDUCTION)
  • Next you need some response capabilities
  • Lastly you need expert help when confronting a real incident (Law Enforcement, Expert Witnesses etc.)

Network Risk due to people’s activity

CyberTrace is a security tool and as such is only concerned with the activities of people on the network

  • External attacks - Hackers
  • Internal Attacks - Embezzlement, Insider Trading, Corp. Spying...
  • Fraud Transaction, Credit Card, other
  • Virus propagation through mail/other means

How CyberTrace Will Manage Risk

  • It uses sharable modules to detect hacker activities
  • It uses the same module capabilities to allow customization within an industry or within a single enterprise
  • It can shutdown routes and page someone in an emergency
  • It allows security administrators to sift and sort through the data to look for patterns of abuse
  • It displays the raw data for analysis on demand

CyberTrace Handles Large Networks

  • By moving the analysis to the listening stations
  • By moving the reporting and management to the management stations
  • By providing low cost listening station software, allowing multiple listening stations to break up the network bandwidth
  • By only shipping exception data across the network (Only 60 bytes of data per incident)
  • By providing a multi tier approach to NSM

CyberTrace Saves Time Spent on NSM

  • By providing an easy to use GUI in Motif (with a Windows NT interface in the works)
  • By providing tools to sort and sift through the data
  • By automatically logging and flagging bad connections so security administrators don’t have to spend time analyzing the raw data
  • By providing a separate, reliable log that can not be forged or deleted
  • By providing expert help on managing incidents through the use of on screen prompts
  • By providing trained trusted consultants - Just a phone call away