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The following list of original papers have been presented or are under review and are of general interest to the security and web communities

A Power Point Presentation given to the Washington Chapter of ISACA on XBRL audit challenges.

This paper takes a look at thermodynamic cipher attacks and presents improvements in ciphers to negate this type of attack. I was considering submitting it somewhere but I want to give people a chance to review it first. Please send me any comments at john@cybertrace.com

  • NSA A New Approach to Network Security John Ryan

    This paper tries to make a science out of defending against hacking by putting it in the realm of Quality Assurance. We try to put testing on a statistical basis so that incremental improvements can be made to the network.

  • How To Create a Hack Database John Ryan

    This paper presenets the necesary ideas to create a hack index number and presents a scheme that allows this hack index number to reference various types of works.

  • Incident Response Outline John Ryan and Ira Winkler

    Outline of the "Incident Response" book to be publised by O'Reilly and Associates as soon as we finish writing it. This deals with how different organizations should deal with computer security incidences.

  • Security - Hacking Methodology John Ryan

    This paper tries to make a science out of hacking by putting it on the same footing as any military operation and applying the methods of operations research to it. Think of this paper as hacking 601.

  • The Internet/WWW Impact on Data Managment Roger Cooper and John Ryan

    This paper was presented at Miter's 1995 Data Management Symposium and attempts to explain the complexities of integrating the Internet and World Wide Web into traditional Data Management Procedures. Specifically it draws out the analogy of the Internet as an ecosystem rather than an engineered system.