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CT-probe - Penetration Analysis

CTProbe is designed to work with NSA. It uses a statistical approach to gathering the most relevent data from a network in order to cut costs and to provide a more accurate assesment of network risk. Many penetration tools are run in a "canvasing" mode wich drives up the consulting fees associated with testing without providing any real network analysis. CTProbe uses strategraphic techiques to organize data and provide better threat assesment. For instance a publicly writable directory for anonymous ftp may be innocuous internally but not outside the firewall. CTProbe is designed to know the difference. NSA a New Approach to Securing the Network will help in understanding the stratagies employed in CTProbe.

  • 100% Coverage - Captures both external and Internal vulnerabilities
  • More Extensive Data - Captures ancillary information needed for risk, and cost/benefit analysis
  • Extends the test realm - Attacks different network realms such as telephony
  • Flexible and Sophisticated - Staged attacks catch context sensitive vulnerabilities and allow sophisticated attack plans
  • Improves Analysis without Consultants -Different views on the captured data allow summary reports, top priority reports and others
  • Replaces Freeware Checking - Includes Tiger, Cops, and Crack functionality even includes an NT-Cops function