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CTnsa - Risk and Business Analysis

Network Security Analyst

CT-NSA is a whole new approach to securing your information resources. Rather than rely on instinct we can put real numbers on the table such as what is the threat level of various network components and how much is it costing me? For more on NSA and its technology read NSA a New Approach to Securing the Network

  • Answers Real Questions - "How vulnerable is the network?", "What is the risk to my business?", "What will it cost to fix the problem?"
  • Multiple Tools Supported - Automatically extracts critical information from both CyberTrace products and Ballista
  • Cuts Costs and Increases Results -Statistical sampling and projection allow less testing with more accurate results. This is part of a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to network security
  • Tracks Progress Over Time - Baseline and quarter to quarter tracking informs management of security progress