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CyberTrace CyberTrace Probe CyberTrace Network Security Analyst

We provide Information Integrity for your business network.

Flying blind in cyberspace? Want to know if someone is attacking your system?

CyberTrace is the world's first Network Security Management System

The CyberTrace client is the world's first Network Security Management System. Any systems administrator knows that it is difficult, if not impossible, to tell what is going on on the network. When they use tcpdump, or the Lanalyzer they have to be an expert to wade through the data. Even if your company has an expert, better use can be made of that expertise than doing the drudge work of data reduction. What you need is a tool that not only collects the network traffic but makes a judgment as to what looks suspicious. Because CyberTrace flags connections high priority with numbers, 0-10 an administrator can review the highlights and even replay those sessions and ignore connections with low priorities numbers, 30-100.

Introducing CyberTrace

CyberTrace - Intrusion Detection

Ease of Use - Motif Graphical User Interface front end to a distributed Intrusion Detection Tool.

What is Network Security Management ?

Network Security Management is the ability to manage your network's risk to fraud, and abuse

Network Risk due to people’s activity

CyberTrace is a security tool and as such is only concerned with the activities of people on the network

How CyberTrace Will Manage Risk

CyberTrace Handles Large Networks

CyberTrace Saves Time Spent on NSM

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