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Ryan Net Works was founded by John Ryan and is one company of a consortium of companies, each staffed with creative, motivated highly technical people dedicated to bringing superior service to those who wish to take advantage of the Internet. Our three main areas of strength are network design and implementation, administration and security, and corporate Web and database design and management. Our expertise ranges from the hardware of telephony, bridges, routers, and various computers through their software and operating systems..

As individuals we have many years of experience in designing and implementing private local, campus, and wide area networks. Customers have included the Defense Nuclear Agency, the US Air Force and others. We can offer you expertise in selecting hardware and software that both minimize the price of acquiring a network today but will allow it to grow as you do without major overhauls.

Many of our clients have turned to us for guidance in connecting to the Internet because of their security concerns. We pride ourselves in knowing the strengths and weakness by which a network may be defended as well as how to subvert the network. We have participated in the seizure of a corporate network, which involved gaining administrative privileges unaided, scouring the disks for evidence and returning the network to working order in a single weekend. This is combined with the forensic expertise to assist you in prosecuting law breakers based upon computer evidence. For example disks are not erased when files are deleted and that evidence can be recovered and used to prosecute. We have worked closely with people to test and develop network monitoring code and have developed a suite of tools to test and monitor TCP/IP networks, (the Internet is TCP/IP based).

Still other clients have turned to us to implement and design Web sites and databases that feature multiple access rights. We have already wrestled with the questions of what data should or should not be made public, how does data become indexed, and how to share live data in a timely and safe manner. Many on the Internet believe that a simple Web page suffices but they do not address the question of how to advertise your presence and make your data into a useful commodity. We have the expertise to create catalogues of indexed data and to advertise it in the most appropriate place so that your message can be received clearly in a chaotic Internet.

If you need a company you can trust then you can turn to us, every one in our company holds a secret level security clearance or better and we are willing to be bonded when necessary. Our reputations depend upon our integrity and your success. Thank you for considering Ryan Net Works.

Last updated by John Ryan on September 16, 1999

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